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The Excalibur 1000X vertical cutter features a single sliding counter-balanced head with 3 cutting and scoring tools ready for instant use. Equipped to cut Glass, PVC Foamboard, Fomecore, Cardboard, Acrylic (Plexi), Xanita, and many more semi-rigid materials, the Excalibur 1000X will cut 163cm. With a rigid clamping system, a set-for-life squaring mechanism and the standard wall mounting or optional free-standing kit the Excalibur 1000X provides a noiseless, dust-free and cost effective cutting solution for many of the materials used in a modern sign or graphic workshop.

Code Description Price
KC-KE08   Excalibur 1000X 1600mm (63")  (EXC1X)   £1325.00
Excalibur 1000X

The Excalibur 5000 features two cutting heads offering four cutting tools mounted for instant selection. The integral counterbalance ensures an easy glide cutting action, prevents damage when loading sheet materials, minimizes operator fatigue and increases production. Designed for the picture framing industry the Excalibur 5000 will save space and increase your productivity, by producing clean accurate vertical cuts every time. The super-grip clamp holds even thick materials at any required angle, and the clear rule along the cutting line allows easy alignment to artwork lines or registration marks.With its ingenious turret assembly mounted on the sliding head, you simply turn to lock any one of the three cutting tools into a selected operating position. Either wall mounted or free standing using the optional freestanding kit, the Excalibur will be an investment for the frame shop.

Code Description Price
KC-KE01Excalibur 5000 1220mm (48")  (EXC5122)£1603.00
KC-KE02   Excalibur 5000 1600mm (63")  (EXC5160)   £1603.00

Excalibur 5000

Cutting Capacity KE01 & KE03 - 1220mm (48")
Cutting Capacity KE02 & KE04 - 1600mm (63")
Glass / Mirror up to 6mm thick
Mat / Foam / Corrugated cardboard up to 13mm
Hardboard / MDF up to 3mm thick
Plastics / Acrylics up to 6mm
Fracture Sensitive Materials up to 6mm
Gross Weight 1220mm - 56kg, 1600mm - 67kg
Excalibur User Manual
Excalibur Spare Parts

For further information on the Excalibur,
visit Keencut's website at:

Optional Accessories for 1000 / 3000 / 4000 / 5000

Code Optional Accessories Price
KC-KX16Free Standing Kit 1220mm / 48"  (FSK122)£108.00
KC-KX17Free Standing Kit 1600mm / 63"  (FSK160)£108.00
KC-EXSLSSightline Strips (pack of 3) (SLS)£18.00
ZZ47CA50015   Glass Cutting Carbide Wheel, Triangular  (CA50-015)  
for Excalibur 3000, 5000, SteelTrak.
ZZ47CA50   Carbide Wheel, White Holder  (CA50-018)
for System 4000 (later models).
ZZ47KX13   Carbide Wheel, Black Holder  (TCGCW)
for System 4000 (earlier models), Rondo, Oval 6.
KC-KX02MDF Cutting TW Head Assembly  (SYHBC)
for System 4000.
KC-KX18MDF Cutting TW Head Assembly  (EXCOC)
for Excalibur 3000, 5000.
KC-KX03MDF Cutting TW Wheels & bearings (pair)  (SYHBW)
for System 4000.
KC-EXCOWMDF Cutting TW Wheels & bearings (pair)  (EXCOW)  
for new Excalibur 5000 head.
Please confirm pivot bolt diameter before ordering.
KC-SBPlastic Scoring Blades, Qty 5  (SCO)
for scoring thin acrylic on the Excalibur 1000, 3000,
Javelin, Practik, Maz, Sabre.
KC-80Keencut 080 Blade, Qty 100  (CA50-010)£23.32
KC-MDBMedium Duty Utility Blade, Qty 100  (CA50-019)£8.14

The STEELTRAK has been designed and built by Keencut engineers to surpass all current standards and meet the exeptional demands of the 21st century sign industry.
Building on the huge success of the all-purpose Keencut Excalibur, and recognising the increasing demands of thicker, tougher sign materials, the design brief was simple:
“Create a brand new vertical cutting machine exclusively for the Sign Maker. It must be the best manual cutter ever made but offer exceptional value for money. It must be strong, versatile, capable, easy to use, virtually maintenance free and built to last almost indefinitely. It must withstand the closest scrutiny, the toughest tests and deserve a place in every sign making workshop.”
In other words it has to be the best, the very best. It is, and we call it STEELTRAK.

Code Description Price
KC-ST165   SteelTrak 1650mm (65")  (ST165)   £1972.00
KC-ST210   SteelTrak 2100mm (82")  (ST210)   £2269.00
Cutting Capacity ST165 - 1650mm (65")
Cutting Capacity ST210 - 2100mm (84")
Glass / Mirror up to 6mm thick
Mat / Foam / Corrugated cardboard up to 13mm
Hardboard / MDF up to 4mm thick
Plastics / Acrylics up to 6mm
Gross Weight 1650mm - 75kg, 2100mm - 94kg
SteelTrak User Manual

For further information on the SteelTrak,
please visit Keencut's website at:

Optional Accessories for SteelTrak

Code Optional Accessories Price
KC-FSK160Free Standing Kit 1650mm / 48"  (FSK160)£108.00
KC-FSK210Free Standing Kit 2100mm / 82"  (FSK210)£136.00
KC-STSLSSightline Strips (pack of 3)  (SLS)£18.00
KC-STGLCGlass Cutting Kit  (STGLC)£84.50
KC-STALCAluminium Sheet Cutting Head  (STALC)£61.00
KC-STALWAluminium Sheet Cutting Wheel Set  (STALW)£38.00
KC-STCOCMDF Cutting Head  (STCOC)£61.00
KC-STCOWMDF Cutting Wheel Set  (STCOW)£38.00
ZZ47CA50015   Glass Cutting Carbide Wheel  (CA50-015)£8.88
KC-MDBMedium Duty Utility Blade, Qty 100  (CA50-019)£8.14
KC-STSBAcrylic Scoring Blade  (STSB)£18.90
KC-STVG2SteelTrak 90 V-Groover 2mm  (STVG2)£96.00
KC-STVG3SteelTrak 90 V-Groover 3mm  (STVG3)£96.00
KC-STVG4SteelTrak 90 V-Groover 4mm  (STVG4)£96.00
KC-STVG5SteelTrak 90 V-Groover 5mm  (STVG5)£96.00
KC-STVG6SteelTrak 90 V-Groover 6mm  (STVG6)£96.00
KC-STVGBSteelTrak 90 V-Groover Blade (Pack of 5)  (STVGB)   £113.00

Keencut spare parts available on request

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